Sunday, May 1, 2011

I TRY ! I TRY ! I TRY ! huh ?

Try what ? every time i try to remember you, but there is something preventing me. what that ? i don't know . when i see your face i will angry . ouhhh ! i try to talk wif you but i can't. until when ? grrr. so , now ~ you have learn from your mistake . i don like you curse me like that. so ! just wait me :'(
how ? dha bace kan . sila lha like [;

3 talker:

Azeanthy Paiman said...

never cry for boy.nice blog.already followed u.follow me too ya.=)

sharul said...

Maaf lg skali :(
sgt bsar slh sy pd awk

aten said...

azeanthy : hee , not cry anymore sygs . okeh ! follow you (;

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