Saturday, January 8, 2011


I think yesterday is bad day for me. i don know why. yes !! i angry wif him. so, angry buttttttt when i want to talk to him i can't do anythink to him. why ! why ! why ! hmmm , he dun fulfil his promsie to me. he stil contact wif his ex, and to the bitch , ELLY. stay away from we okey. you and him is over before. now is my turn wif him. but why so many people dun like it . i felt very sad la.
i swear i can't slep . i will remember bout that ,I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU. 
MOHD SHAHRIL B. ABDUL RAZAK. i still need you in my life :'(

how ? dha bace kan . sila lha like [;

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